Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Yes you heard right........ I mean read right....
 I had the pleasure/ opportunity to work on Isaac Awuondo's house. Who is Isaac Awuondo you ask? well.......

  "He is the current Managing Director of the Commercial Bank of Africa. He (Mr Awuondo) sits on the Board of several public and private organizations, including ICDC Investment Ltd, Bata Shoes (K) Ltd, Deposit Protection Fund, and the University of Nairobi Council. Through his involvement in charitable and philanthropic activities, he is the Chairman of the Kenya Conservatoire of Music, Director of the Gatsby Kenya Charitable Trust, Trustee of the Rhino Trust and Kuona Trust (supporting local artists). He plays golf and he likes reading." (ref: 

Mr. Awuondo!!!!!  Well Daaaayyyyymmmm... I think all that's left is a Nobel Prize.. lol

So Not only did I work on his house, I had the opportunity to meet him.... For a really brief moment as he walked around looking at the progress of what was going on around the house... Might I add his bark is as mean as his bite.. He had expectations and wasn't having it if each of them were not met to the letter.. Which is expected!!! value for your money, am i right????

Side BAR.. I bet you are asking what was I really doing there... Well..

hahahaha I had to... (the gif) I just had to.. So.. For those that dont know, Am an interior designer and a Painting Contractor... well upcoming..Clean Earning in Kenya for a young lady is.... H. A. R. D. buuuut... Am not giving up.. Not yet..
So what was I saying??? Oh right.. I was painting his house inside and out.. yep!
Well my painters and I were lol
But he was having a bunch of stuff being done to it like Plumbing, Electricity stuff, pool.. etc It was basically Renovations of the entire house...

A little history on the house(Which I'll show some images of it in a min... so relaaaaxxx)
It is one of MANY houses that Mr. Awuondo owns. I dint count, so its easier for me to just write many. Which was rented by one of Uhuru Kenyatta's Relatives(YESSSSS) but they moved so now Mr. Awuondo has sold it to another lovely couple(I swear they were just heart warming)(They have kids and all, so not so young couple)

SO now that we are on the same page..

I found Mr. Awuondo very humble surprisingly.. YES I WAS SURPRISED.. you should have seen me trying to talk to him, clinging on to my water bottle and dear life while holding my breathe.. But him on the other hand was so chill.. and a very good listener.. I swear am still in shock.. He was awesome! I noticed he's not on any social media though.. so if you see him, Tell him Khadijah said Hi... and is looking for more contracts from him..

Side Bar!
I was working as a sub contractor not as a main contractor.. (For Those Who know what that means, Know mbona natuma salamu hahaha ) plus am a luhya.. Its in my blood to send shout outs lol

On to the house images!!!!! Yeiyyy!!! (because i dint want to write a really long article about it all for all my supporters who hate reading )

Yes that is some of my work!!! And am proud of it.. I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.... Until next time xoxo

but Really.. Tell Mr. Awuondo I said Hi

Sunday, 12 March 2017


Presenting... The royal Highness.... QUEEN.......!!!!!.....

...of cheap.. *cough* ME.. 

I think am the most petty when it comes to money... Especially when it comes to matters of the face.. And dont get me started with Kenyan Makeup Online stores...  And If you Live in Kenya you know the struggle... The price!!! How Genuine is your product??? yes.. How Genuine.. lol Especially from stores along the River road area.. There is I think Grade 1 to like 10.. yes.. 1 being the closest to the genuine product as possible and 10 (assuming the lowest number is 10 ) is where the product has been made in some hole from God knows which lab and they dint get anything right, from the ingredients, to the packaging, to the smell... Straight up its like a mixture of death in a bottle... The chemicals can destroy your face.. Like you can decide to use your grade 10 foundation to kill roaches in your house... Am sure in some cases it can even relax your hair.... jk... dont buy it! period!

We all want to look pretty but cant afford it... And the people from the U.S. shouldn't even complain on the price of make up there... Their drug store products are our high end products... And their high end products are our Sell-an-organ-to-buy products. 

I... I just...
 I cant. Kenya.. We cant live like this. 

So, know you might be wondering, How do I look like this 

When I have issues spending money.. Well not exactly spending money... more of being broke.. but who cares right...The end justify the means hehehe

So Tip No. 1
Take care of your skin.. The less damaged your skin is, the less you have to cover up... Meaning you will use less products.
( I'll write an article about my Acne Story) 

Tip No. 2
Invest on a good foundation... A good foundation can determine whether your finished look will look awesome or bad.. It will also  determine whether your look will survive the day. Plus get this, depending on how often you put on make up, foundation can last you up to a year.. Another thing is good /original foundation has less chance reacting with your skin or causing breakouts.. so think of how much you will actually save. You can find original black opal and Mary Kay Foundation at Beauty Options in Nairobi CBD. for a decent price compared to Lintons and other top beauty shops etc The black Opal stick goes for ksh 1600 while Mary Kay goes for ksh 1800 if am not wrong.. 

But all this is depending on your skin type too(oily, dry, combined?).. 

Tip no. 3. 
Sadly, will not be applicable to all but if it does to you , You are very lucky!!!! because that means that foundation is the ONLY expensive thing you will buy.. But also if you have a cheap compact powder that has been  working for you... awesome!!! I specifically like this one, not only for its finish, but also for the price.. I have been using it for like.. forever... It blends so well too.. The colors however are limited and scarce.. that's why I said, If it will be applicable to your skin tone then you will be lucky.. I buy mine at beauty options.. AND I know you are like "Say the name already!!!" Well.... Its... Palmer's Compact Powder.

In my defense I have no Idea if its really a Palmer's product..

Sooo.... Ummmm.....

but it's so good on my skin... and I have a really stubborn acne prone skin.. I hate its applicator though.. so you might have to buy a powder sponge... And it is a foundation powder so too much might end up looking cakey.. so be careful.. but that's pretty much it.. it costs like ksh 120 btw.. 

Tip No. 4
It is not compulsory to follow a trend lol I see people running to buy brow gels and brow powders and that plastic thingy used to shape brows and... I mean can you just CHIIIILLLL and take a second and breath... I do my brows with the davis eye pencil and it goes for ksh 30... 

Yes that was done by davis eye pencil... Not some fancy eye surgery contraption... hahaha

I will leave it here.. for now... coz now I have your face beat and brows on fleek... ON A BUDGET!!!!

you're welcome!

Because this post is long already.. Part 2 of "beauty on a budget" will be with you shortly wink wink.. (like after a day or 2... a week maybe lol.. but soon)
I really hope I helped... Even just A tiny bit... 

HAVE YOURSELF AN AWESOME DAY!!!!!!!! lots of love and thank you for reading..

Saturday, 11 March 2017


Whats good beautiful people!!!!
I really thought i had this blog thing down though....

Anyway.. make up and hijab... what if i told you, you can SLAY in hijab?
whaaaat? no? yes? ...... you probably looking at this like " This bitch crazy"
what if i show you?


How ever way you choose to see it, The veil, which is commonly known as The Hijab, Has been around from generation to generation.. Rocked by Muslim women All over the world.. In this century as much as many haters are not down with it, Alot of muslim women and bloggers have found a way to each personalize their own style on to the hijab.. AKA.. We are SLAYING the hijab!! Looking decent, classy, and beautiful all at the same time.. Oh btw "Hi, Am dijah, Am a Muslim Woman" i dont have to add this phrase but i will anyway "....And I Kick ASS!!!" 😎

So I am not going to sit here and act like it hasnt been done before... My muslim sisters have been slaying this veil like whuuuaaaaaatttttt!!!!

BUT... there is a trick to it.. 
okay at least this is what I  do..

Less is more.. keep it simple.. you can go heavy with your foundation and powder and all.. but try to be less colorful.. especially when dealing with a patterned fabric/veil.. just look at me.. I went HAM on those lashes though.. lol

Remember when i said less is more... forget all that gibberish...
Now what you want to do is go all BOLD!!!
Bold Fabric patterns!! Bold make up colours!!! Bold everything...well hold up.. we dont want you looking like a clown or Christmas tree,, So if you decide to go bold with your make up, keep your hijab as simple as possible.

If you decide to also have a colourful scarf or a scarf with bold patterns, try match the scarf to your make up or vise verse.. Then keep your dress or buibui or Abaya or your outfit, neutral or with one plain color but not bold.. we dont want people looking at you like a rainbow puked all over you... 
Here's an example.. of me.. Going BOLD!!!!! lol

Its make up!!! Its Hijab!!!! I might give you tips here and there but at the end of the day you wear it how ever you feel comfortable wearing it.. personalize it however you like.. Do you Boo!! 

That is all.. For now... I will try to post more.. No promises... but ill try keep a schedule.. like the next post will be up on thursday... In other news.. PRAY FOR ME ... life is biting chunks of  my beautiful ass.. hahaha.. but seriously..

UNTILL THURSDAY.... lots of love!!!

Sunday, 10 January 2016


So I haven't written in a while.. i have had like a number of topics in my head, some really deep, some really funny and some just plain stupid. but havent got the time to write them all sadly.
I am going to briefly explain why i write and why i have a blog.......................because i want to.

So enough about my excuses and how cool i am *hair flip* hahaha sigh  #goals

Now what do these 2 movies have in common, apart from having delicious men who are just to die for..

one, the heading is written in RED!!!!!!
Two..... For the love of God why are these directors hell bent on destroying our fairy tales!!!????
Now I cant meet a hot man in the woods without thinking he might have skeletons the size of Goliath that might end up killing me.

Okay... Okay.. I get it.. There are bad men on this earth that dont necessary look out for your best interest but COME ON!!!! and to make it worse, the characters portrayed, (the villains that is) start of as the "perfect guy".. all sweet, steamy, sexy, ABS and shit... The complete package.. Untill y'all had to give them AIDS or make them killers or violent  or just something bad... Might as well make them gay!!! (no offence, straight girl) (for the guy dudes, "might as well make them straight!!!!")

So what you are trying to tell us Mr director is if a hot guy comes up to me... and i mean sexy, heart in my mouth, wet panty dropper, mouth watery, eyes can see in to your soul kinda sexy.. comes up to me and wants to buy me coffee and compliments how good i look (Im thinking I'll be having PJs and no make up, probably getting groceries) and he wants my number and he keeps telling me eyes up here coz i keep staring at his ABS!!! and he has a British accent.. and speaks Italian.. and is a model from Milan..  with royal blood..


wooh got a little carried away there.. but basically what you are trying to say is i should....

or maybe call the police.. or take him to the doctor..

No wait.. tell my boyfriend who keeps taking me for granted but will realize it after I get with the "wrong" option and end up fucked up but he ends up happily ever after with some other "good" woman????????????? or ends up dead???????

I need to speak with you Tyler Perry or the other director i dont know his name.. You 2 must have had a really bad childhood... like why would you write such a story???? Why are you killing our fantasies????

I cant even wank to a cute guy no more because am like "aw yeah.. take off that shirt... yeah and those sexy pants.. touch me there... yeahhh.. nooo.. nooo... stop strangling me... where did you get a whip? now you tying me down??? aw hell no! a shot gun????" and just like that wanking is no longer an option!!! jk.. but seriously.. even 50 shades of grey aint any better..

WHYYY?????? stop it!!! seriously..  you are killing me!!!!
I need a glass of water.. I just cant...

Until next time... Lots of love!!!!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Hellow beautiful people!!

So... ehem ehem.. Nothing personal.. just clearing the air..  I'm sure most of you are familiar with this certain phrase.. you have heard it, used it or it has been dedicated to you..
It has either been "ALL MEN ARE DOGS" or "If  all men are dogs, who told you to try all of them whore?"
Both of this comment are CRAP!!!!!! Yeah I said it!!! C..R...A...P...!!!!!
1 Dogs are known to be very loyal, and mans best friend.. and this includes you woMAN!! and they are very intelligent.. I mean to compare a stupid man who broke your heart to a dog.. i mean really? was sheep taken? cow? what about donkey? Aw and did i say Dogs are loyal too.. So Honey.. Bad men are not like Dogs.. Noooo

And Now for the people who use the second quote of "Who told you to try all of them" whether you add an insult at the end or not, the statement itself is an insult.. way to make a girl feel better about being dumped, cheated on, embarrassed, feeling alone or being rejected or even raped (yeah bet you never thought of that) etc  It is not her fault she see's all men that way.. This is not something you wake up and decide "Aw am going to call all men dogs today"
I mean would you imagine if she actually tried ALL men.. Not only would she have found the one but.. I know if it was me, i would have been living on the moon, Obama, Billgates, Colimo, and I havent even started on the celebrities.. I would be RICH!!! child support, love support, Blackmail money.. money money MONEEEEY!!!! (just ask vee hehehe just kidding) I mean can you imagine!!!!!! So NO GENIUS.. She hasnt tried all men...

Again nothing personal..

But you do have to understand, it doesn't take experience from a million bad men to come to such a conclusion, It can even be just 10.. If all you do, is wake up in the morning and have the bad luck or fate of meeting with the bad kind of men who give bad experiences, especially if you always chose to see the best in people, wouldn't you also say that all men are dogs??  well just until you find that one to prove you wrong.. So before any of you use the above phrases again..THINK!!!!! ALOT!!!!

And honey, If you think all Men are bad then you are right, yes you are.. all men.. that you have met.. that made you sad are the same(ass holes) and they are bad.. and i wish you all the luck in the world, I hope you find one that will finally make you smile.. or heck you can man up and do it yourself, make yourself smile.. It is not compulsory for you to have a man in your life.. Am just saying


Sunday, 21 June 2015



To My Fellow Muslims Asalaam Aleikum!!!!

I know.. I know.. It has been a million years since my last post.. bear with me, I'm trying to get used to this blog thing.. but I will try to post as much as i can..

Sooo yet again it is the Holy month of Ramadan. I am not going to go into detail about what this month means to us Muslims and etc but mainly its about fasting and praying and just being a good muslim, everyday for around a month to 40 days (i dont count) for like 19 hrs each day (again i dont count)


I dont pray frequently (the 5 salats/prayers) any day including during ramadan but.. I AM TRYING!!! dont judge.. baby steps honey.. (i make a point to constantly say duas(kinda like small short prayers) to everything every time before and after)
but compared to other days, during ramadhan, I am a very prayerful person.. infact i am the one who nags my brother(who's following me) to constantly pray(the 2 little ones are always on time.. they outshine me).. I am like the jackie chan of prayer.. the shia lebouf of prayer "i just DO IT!!!"  (seriously hoping you got that joke)

This is hard!!! especially if you are a food me.. but am used to it.. kinda.. but during the beginning, like when i was younger, it... was... BRUTAL!!!!!

I would almost cry.. i kept sucking my thumb(yes i was a thumb sucker, i stopped after falling down the stairs and almost losing my 2 front teeth.. thinking back, it was hilarious.. story for another day..)
Now some people say at the beginning of the fast is the hardest or towards the end.. or in the middle or when its hot or when its cold.. For me!!! Its towards the finish line of ramadhan, the last week.. and when its cold.. because unlike heat which only makes you thirsty, cold brings HUNGER!!!!!!!! and alot of my projects are research based, so when I'm tired of  studying, I tend to wonder off.. and guess who i meat.. i mean meet along the way... those cooking youtube videos.. those food images.. those evil eeeeevillll delicious yummy food.... and the smell from the neighbor's kitchen.. keep in mind i still have'nt gone to cook for iftar(evening meal) with mummy.. who will hit my mum whenever i forget and try to taste something..
ooh by the way check out this video for easy to make mug cakes, stumbled on it and i thought i should share..

Now naturally whenever i get hungry, i am one grumpy MATHA(its ramadhan shhhh) so you can imagine during this holy month.. I snap at even air!!! "Like waow you just chose to blow this direction huh, i wish i had a leaf blower vacuum to suck THE AIR OUT OF YOU!!! YOU HEAR ME!!!????"  or when someone accidentally walks infront of him and we almost bump into each other, i will mumble all the way home in anger..

then remember am fasting and try to just chiiiillllll... (It is not encouraged to be angry, fight or insult someone during ramadan, it is considered like breaking your fast aka eating so you try keep it on a lease/leach.. i dont know.. that thingy that is used on dogs )
anywho.. That is where Yoga and prayer and reading the Quran (sometimes 4 me.. like 4 times a week) comes into action..

Sleepyness!!!! (there is no such word but its Kenya, we can say whatever we want lol)
 If you dont keep busy during this cold weather, and you are fasting, and keep in mind you just cant watch any movie or listen to just any music, then you will end up falling asleep, waking up grumpier and tossing & turning all night coz you used up all your sleep..dummy..  which is me... in some days.. what?? dont judge!!! the struggle is real!

So those are my major experiences during ramadhan so far.. Just for the sake of MR. SAKE over here, I am proud of being a Muslim, I love my religion, and all it really stands for(not the fabricated lies used to oppress others MADE BY MAN and not God) and I appreciate this Holy month..

Thank you for reading aka letting me bore you lol
Ramadhan Kareem to my dear Muslims.. and Be blessed to my non Muslims..
I dont even care who is what or who.. Ramadhan kareem and be blessed to you all
I love you all either way xoxo

Thursday, 11 June 2015


Talk about annoying.. i mean really now..

Dont get me wrong, the series starts off at an okay note.. Girl, who is a doctor.. sorry was a doctor gets turned into a zombie.. cliche break up from her fiance because of the "He cant take who i am boo hoo" works in the morgue (has a cool boss btw) for free food (brains) which gives her super power visions for solving cases bla bla bla  and theeeeen gets this hot dude.. who is a zombie.. just when she thought she cant get laid over the whole situation.. (yeah just when you think getting an std is worse, you get a 1 night stand and wake up a zombiiiieeeee... booooo.. which hasnt yet happened in the series..)

And btw this guy from "How i met your mother" is there.. currently dont know his name and am too pissed to google, i just have to finish this story 1st!!!

So like every series their is a bad guy, who in this case is the how i met your mother guy.. Now he is so bad that not only is he a zombie but he starts a whole business based on this by infecting rich dudes and selling brains at a RIDICULOUS amount so he can like also get laid and get a spray tan(because zombies got like reeeaaaallly pale skin) and feel all powerful.. i dont know..  so he gets these brains from homeless guys and kids from shelters that the police wont bother to look for.. I mean daym heartless much.. poor kids.. aw and head of police? ALSO a zombie.. infected by that guy..

So here is the UTTERLY ANNOYING PART this girl.. the main character is so stupid!!! i mean for a doctor.. sorry former doctor.. i expect you to be atleast clever.. aw and by the way, the brain they it, they get that person's traits.. eg kung fu, literature genius, personality, and she still manages to make rookie mistakes I MEAN REALLY WOMAN.. she gets her hot zombie boyfriend killed, his ex fiance sent to the mental institution and soon her 16 yr old brother might end up being a delivery boy of the bad guy, through his mum who gave him the employment form.. GAAAAAAA!!!

This is  how i currently feel

okay i dont know if the last bit will happen, am in like episode 7... so yeah.. am so annoyed with this chic that if she cries i dont feel sympathy for her.. am just like "THATS WHAT YOU GET BIAAAATCH" eating my noodles and fries and shit.. burning calories..

lol anyway, want anymore movie reviews comment bellow and let me know.. LOVE YAH!!! XOXO

aw and the guy i was talking about not knowing the name is David Anders